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  • 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Experience the interactive virtual tours with unmatched features to engage with.

  • HD Photography

Benefit the state of the art photography through real life HD quality imagery.

  • Embed & Share

Share the desired interactive virtual tours on facebook, google+ like social media.

  • Interactive Kiosks

Let customers experience virtual tours on intuitive interactive displays and kiosks.

Features of R3i Player

  • Interactive
    Compatible with smart phones & tablets

    R3i Player offers intuitive interactive virtual tours, gives its users unique experience of navigation of 360 degree views. It is best viewed on iOS and android tablets.

  • iOS & Android Support
    iOS & Android powered devices compatible

    Our Virtual Tour Software is compatible with favourite apple, samsung and other leading companies' devices.

  • Hotspots
    Navigation Simplified!

    Moving to one location to another inside the virtual tours made easy.

  • Social Media Sharing
    Compatible with computer, phones & tables

    R3i Player based virtual tours enable users to share the experience on social medial platforms like facebook, google+ etc.

  • Tour Guide
    Virtual Assistant for guided tours!

    This feature enable the automation of virtual tour navigation from one location to another. The audio presentation is unmatched.

  • Voice Overs
    Virtual Assistants now in your own language!

    Video and audio presentation are made more local with choice of language and accent.

  • 3D Floor Plans
    Property Floor Plans with Radar

    R3i Player provides spot locations and radar while moving and entering to the spot.

  • Compass
    Navigation to directions made easy!

    This feature enable users to locate directions, which is considered influensive decision of buying in some countries.

  • Interactive Tour List
    User friendly Image based menu gallery !

    This feature makes navigation easy through image thumbnail based menu system with location information.

  • Distance Info
    Proximity to basic necessities matters!

    R3i Player comes with unique feature of provision of distances to the landmarks like hospitals, schools, banks, malls etc.

  • Location Map
    Location of the property tours showcased!

    R3i Player provide customized or google based locations of virtual tours inside its interactive product.

  • Downloads
    Brochures and documents download made easy!

    While interacting with the virtual tour user can download brochure, project/property fact sheets, payments plans etc.

How it works
Video Demonstration of R3i Player

Experience the video demonstration of Virtual Tour Software; R3i Player. Featured Project: One North, a multi-story apartment in Pune, India. This video gives insights into the 360 degree imagery of the entire apartment and beautiful amenities have been integrated with resourceful information like area specifications, distance to key landmarks, floor plan, compass, online brochure, navigation helps and social media sharing.

This video demonstrates all features of R3i Player; world's leading and advanced 360 degree interactive virtual tour player. It supports all sub products like Realtour, iFitness, iCampus, Hotel360, Health+ and Virtual Event. Features may vary based upon segment and type of the products.

Who Can Benefit From iCampus Interactive Tours:

There are several different groups of individuals that can definitely use a interactive campus tour in a wide variety of ways. Having the option to visit a campus online provides a rich, realistic experience that allows your college or university to stand out on a list of prospective schools for any student. Highlighting the benefits of attending your school plus also having admissions sales tools, online registration and fee payment options easily accessible and easily located on your website is a feature that students now look for.


In most families Mom and Dad are going to be actively involved in the selection of a university or college for their son or daughter. Having a virtual campus tour online allows the parents, with the student or on their own, to take a look at all aspects of the campus. This includes the athletic facilities, libraries, classrooms, labs and the dorms. Parents can also learn the layout of the campus as a whole, which can help with concerns about safety and travel. Since the entire tour happens right from the computer there are no costly trips to a variety of colleges and you can do everything right from home at your convenience. Online access to admissions counselors and information about the college provides peace of mind and all the facts needed by parents.


As with parents, students can tour the virtual campus at any time, from any location without any travel and associated expenses. They can also pose questions to admissions staff and get the information they need about the many features and extras offered at the college or university.

They let students take control of their own tour

Students aren’t bored with our online college tours because users set the pace. They can choose from; Self-guided options, which let them roam freely and explore the campus on their own, Interactive tours, which allow them to take an automated tour with an artificial intelligence bot so that they can start and stop at their leisure; orGuided tours, which let them take a scheduled tour with a live admissions representative through the Web browser using voice and text chat to communicate.

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