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About R3 Interactive Group

R3 Interactive is leading Interactive Media Solutions Company

We are focussed
We are creating innovative platforms which can be interactive, intuitive and user friendly. Our core competency lies in immerssive web platforms when bundle of informations is getting integrated to our core product: 360 degree interactive virtual tours. We see 360 degree interactive videos in every aspect of lives.

We do research
Our company's tagline starts with Research, and it is the base of our evolution. We have invested heavily to harness the leading edge solutions and creating our own space, defeating odds and conquering competition. We have been embarking on journey to the summit and being in hunt for the perfection with sheer passion and undoubtedly - research.

Mission is possible
We stepped into the unknown territory, making things differently, tasting untested and offering new but exciting services. We were always in hunt for the perfect world. We made it our mission and that inspired us to develop something great. We are proud to be known "the team behind developing world's most advanced virtual tour software".

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Faster delivery of services guaranteed:

50%Compared to industry standards and nearest competition, we deliver our services 50% faster than other service provider.

Real Estate is backbone of our growth:

No.1Inside its bootstrapping phase R3 Interactive's products have been vastly adopted and accepted by leading realtors and fraternities. Vibrant Guajarat, CREDAI, MCHI CREDAI, GIHED are few to name.

Research based Success Story: Rewriting Virtual Tour Technology

Research Programs are core to our future plans.

R3 Interactive is India based start-up which offers its client 360 degree interactive virtual tours in unique way. R3i Player is stand out 360 degree Interactive Virtual Tour Player with unmatched features making it most sought out product in market.

Specially in Indian Real Estate market it is considered to be innovative way to promote properties. Company has successfully executed more than 400 projects within few months of its inception. We have created our space by offering creative and unique solutions, which are diverse, innovative and unmatched in market. We are proudly present ourselves as undisputed market leader.

We started our journey to create world's best virtual tour software, we believed in our efforts to chase vision. We spent majority of start-up time in research in interactive technologies and after months of hard work and investment we launched our first beta in 2011. We have been keep working on updations and upgradations to make our products efficient and marketable.

We also delivered first of its kind of exhibition in India by offering virtual property expo online; which was the exact depiction of the on-ground exhibition but on the internet. MCHI-CREDAI aimed to provide users an access to all stalls in the same fashion in which on-ground activities were executed at the expo held at BKC in Mumbai. The virtual property expo is the exact depiction of the on-ground exhibition but on the internet. Our client MCHI-CREDAI aimed to provide users an access to all stalls in the same fashion in which on-ground activities were executed at the expo held at BKC in Mumbai. The panoramic view of the stalls and the lobby provides home buyers 360° views of the exhibition. With the help of the technology, home buyers could visit www.mchi.net and log in for free, to filter properties based on their requirements and communicate with developers for further information. Over 100 developers showcased more than 9000 properties - Mumbai and pan India, online. The online expo proved to be invaluable to homebuyers abroad, who were interested in investing in property within India as well as customers who missed the actual expo at the Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai This was herculan task and we were equal to it as we have invested heavily in our research program to carry on such kind of projects withing stipulated time period. In process we pioneered first of its kind of project in world.

The Journey

The inception of R3 Interactive was based upon providing business intelligence solutions through reality based virtual technologies. The idea of creating and converting every aspect of life into 360 degree virtual technology now turned to big tree. Today R3 Interactive has been a diversified group.

Diversified Group
  • 360 Degree Virtual Tour Solutions
  • Real Estate Photography Solutions
  • BPO Solutions
  • Luxury Property Management
  • Digital Marketing & Web Solutions
  • E-Governance Solutions
  • Real Estate SAP Consultancy
Roadmap Ahead

Within few months of the inception we have been able to convert hundreds of developers in real estate segment. As the successful real estate virtual tour player, we want to explore other segments also. Our vertical growth depicts how perfect product we sell in market. The adoption is always as higher rate, we could able to reach out to more than 100 countries through our association and sponsorship of Vibrant Gujarat event. We are marching on to launch and penetrate other markets like health and hospitality. Our approach remains same for all launches. We also see tremendous opportunities in retail segment.

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