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MCHI CREDAI Virtual Property Expo 2013

  • 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Experience the interactive virtual tours with unmatched features to engage with.

  • HD Photography

Benefit the state of the art photography through real life HD quality imagery.

  • Embed & Share

Share the desired interactive virtual tours on facebook, google+ like social media.

  • Interactive Kiosks

Let customers experience virtual tours on intuitive interactive displays and kiosks.

Features of R3i Player

  • Interactive
    Compatible with smart phones & tablets

    R3i Player offers intuitive interactive virtual tours, gives its users unique experience of navigation of 360 degree views. It is best viewed on iOS and android tablets.

  • iOS & Android Support
    iOS & Android powered devices compatible

    Our Virtual Tour Software is compatible with favourite apple, samsung and other leading companies' devices.

  • Hotspots
    Navigation Simplified!

    Moving to one location to another inside the virtual tours made easy.

  • Social Media Sharing
    Compatible with computer, phones & tables

    R3i Player based virtual tours enable users to share the experience on social medial platforms like facebook, google+ etc.

  • Tour Guide
    Virtual Assistant for guided tours!

    This feature enable the automation of virtual tour navigation from one location to another. The audio presentation is unmatched.

  • Voice Overs
    Virtual Assistants now in your own language!

    Video and audio presentation are made more local with choice of language and accent.

  • 3D Floor Plans
    Property Floor Plans with Radar

    R3i Player provides spot locations and radar while moving and entering to the spot.

  • 3D Stalls
    Navigation through 3D Stalls!

    3D stall imagery prior to entering exhibition gives an experience and impression, 3 dimension view of actual exhibition stall.

  • Interactive Tour List
    User friendly Image based menu gallery !

    This feature makes navigation easy through image thumbnail based menu system with location information.

  • Stall Information
    Sales & Marketing made easy!

    All sales and marketing collaterals related to stall can be kept digitally showcased in virtual stall.

  • Online Chat
    Communication made easy!

    Online Chat or video conferencing made available to connect sellers with potential buyers

  • Live Broadcasting
    Consutants & Specialist Communicates

    Live Broadcasting during event or post event made easy with integration of google technologies.

How it works
Video Demonstration of Virtuexpo

Experience the video demonstration of Virtuexpo; the new and advance virtual event software. Featured Project: MCHI CREDAI Property Exhibition, held at BKC, Mumbai. We partnered with MCHI CREDAI to provide virtual event for 15 days post event. This video demonstration showcases steps to visit online expo and explore various stalls according to the buyer interests of properties. The stalls integrated with resourceful information like area project specifications, brochures, floor plans, project image galleries, property bookings, social media sharing and many more.

This video demonstrates all features of Virtuexpo; world's leading and advanced 360 degree interactive virtual event software and it supports all sub products. Features may vary based upon segment and type of the products.

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